Acoustiblok, Inc has been listed by the New York City Environmental Protection Department as a company that can help businesses and residents achieve compliance with New York City Noise Code Rules and Regulations. Acoustiblok, QuietFiber, Acoustiblok-Wallcover, Acoustipad, and Acoustiwool are the specific products offered by the company and listed by the city. Click here for the specifics.


Sound Solution Products

Acoustiblok Soundproofing Material  

Acoustiblok Soundproofing Material

Revolutionary 1/8" (3-mm) stiff, flexible soundproofing material for residential, commercial and industrial situations. Acoustiblok attaches to wood or metal studs under drywall, floors and ceilings.  It reduces more sound than 12-inches of poured concrete! Acoustiblok received an award for its sound abatement qualities from the Noise Abatement Society. It reduces noise, weight and potential for litigation. Acoustiblok increases privacy... (read more)

Acoustiblok Completed Customer Projects - Commercial

Acoustiblok Completed Customer Projects - Residential


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Acoustifence® Noise Barrier Fence

Acoustifence® is a simple and economical outdoor noise reduction barrier for both residential and industrial fencing. It is a 1/8" (3-mm) thin, but stiff, material. Brass grommets along the top and bottom edges allow easy attachment to chain link, wood and vinyl  fence or other structures... (read more)

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All Weather Sound Panels®

All Weather Sound Panels&reg provide superior noise control. They absorb and block noise in any environment, regardless of moisture,  dust or sunlight. With a NRC rating of 1.00, loud factory, oil rig, pump, generator, marine and chiller noise is reduced immensely. All Weather Sound Panels are hurricane tested for 270-mph speed wind. UL tested... (read more)

Quietfiber Sound Absorption Material  


Industrial Noise Absorption Material

Engineered specifically for maximum noise absorbency and used extensively in the industrial and commercial field, QuietFiber is now being successfully introduced into non-industrial environments, i.e., restaurants, hotel lobbies, residential homes, kennels, etc.

Non-fiberglass QuietFiber is rated at the highest noise reduction level of “NRC 1.00" (noise reduction coefficient, higher the number the better). Read More

Acoustiblok-Wallcover Soundproofing Material


For the majority of people who have the need of soundproofing, it is usually after the walls are complete. At this point it may be all but impossible to remove drywall change electric sockets and such to install soundproofing within the wall. It should be noted that soundproofing is impossible to achieve unless in a total vacuum. Only percentages of reduction of noise are possible. This reduction is measured in decibels (DB). 10 DB represents a 50% reduction or increase to the human ear.

Until the release of the Acoustiblok-Wallcover, there simply was no simple D.I.Y. solution to go over the top of an existing wall other than adding an additional wall. The Acoustiblok-Wallcover allows one to easily add the Acoustiblok fabric to the existing wall. While being more of an investment than the standard Acoustiblok material, it is certainly far less expensive than removing a wall and rebuilding it with Acoustiblok installed within. Read More

Industrial noise absorbing Quiet-Cloud

Quiet-Cloud® (pat. pend.) Industrial Sound Absorption Panels

Industrial noise is fast becoming a serious health and financial issue. While there are many ways to reduce noise within enclosed public or commercial areas, there have not been any significant advancements in reducing noise within harsh industrial environments. Read More

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Acoustigrip Tape

Acoustigrip Tape is specially formulated to form a permanant bond with Acoustiblok material. Ordinary tape will adhere to Acoustiblok, but releases within a few days due to elasticizers in the Acoustiblok material. (read more)

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Acoustiblok Sound Sealant

Acoustiblok Sound Sealant is a UL classified and fire-rated caulk with superior acoustical isolation properties. It is formulated to bond to the Acoustiblok material. Maximum sound reduction requires an airtight barrier... (read more)

FCA10 Fast Cure Industrial Adhesive  

FCA10 Fast Cure Industrial Adhesive

FCA10 Fast Cure Industrial Adhesive is not a contact cement - It is waterproof and will bond Acoustiblok® to itself, wood, metal, and most other surfaces. Acoustiblok must be held in place while curing.... (read more)

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Acoustiwool™-TF0.11 Tile Floor Underlayment

Achieving the unique balance of structural strength with resilient sound dampening characteristics this is the ideal product for use with tile floor finishes. (read more)

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Acoustiwool™-WF0.125 Wood Floor Underlayment

AcoustiWool underlayment is installed under wood or tile flooring as an integral component of floor/ceiling noise abatement designs using Acoustiblok material. (read more)

Acoustipad soundproofing underlayment  

Acoustipad™ Carpet Floor Underlayment

AcoustiPad underlayment is installed under carpeting as an integral component of floor/ceiling noise abatement designs using Acoustiblok material. (read more)