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Acoustiblok Named “Best Practice” by Hubspot Internet Marketing

Posted by Liz Ernst on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 @ 01:07 PM


TAMPA, Florida, January 19, 2012 -- Eighteen months after adopting Hubspot’s all-in-one marketing platform, Tampa, Florida-based Acoustiblok has increased website traffic by 210 percent, increased organic search leads by 307 percent, and increased customer transactions by 40 percent, contributing to Acoustiblok’s record sales increases in 2011.

Hubspot named Acoustiblok a “Best Practice” customer based on its application of Hubspot marketing tools for website management, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), lead management, marketing analytics, social media monitoring, and website analysis.

“Being recognized by an industry leader as a “best practice” customer is a real accomplishment, and one we’ve worked hard to achieve,” said Liz Ernst, director of public relations for Acoustiblok, Inc. “We have a small marketing and PR team, and we had been trying different approaches to increasing traffic and drawing attention to our Acoustiblok soundproofing product line, and our Thermablok aerogel insulating strips.

“Hubspot gave us some serious one-on-one attention and guidance to understand where to best devote our efforts for the greatest return on our marketing and PR campaigns.”

Acoustiblok President and Founder Lahnie Johnson says that Hubspot provided the traffic building tools he had been looking for in order to achieve the huge growth goals the company had set for itself.

"We knew we had to get more web traffic, and that more traffic would equate to more leads,” Johnson said. “We were able to use the HubSpot software to help us with our traffic building initiatives, and our leads increased dramatically as our traffic increased.”

HubSpot, Inc., based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, provides an all-in-one marketing software platform used by more than 5000 companies in 34 countries. HubSpot is also the developer of, a website analysis tool with more than 3 million users. HubSpot, Inc. was founded in 2006.

About Acoustiblok:

Acoustiblok’s high quality noise abatement products, available since 1998, have earned the industry’s highest ratings from architects, builders, and consumers. Acoustiblok is a proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high density mineral content, heavy and yet extremely flexible. As sound waves cause the Acoustiblok material to flex, internal friction occurs and the acoustical energy is transformed into undetectable trace amounts of heat.

Just one, 1/8 inch layer of Acoustiblok in a standard wall will result in more sound reduction than 12-inches of poured concrete. Environmentally friendly, Acoustiblok contains no lead, barium, or asbestos, is UV resistant and impervious to water and mold; it is UL rated and classified for all wall, floor, and ceiling installations.

Acoustiblok received first place product awards from the British House of Commons, and was named Builder News Magazine’s Product of the Year. The company was named in NASA’s annual list of top 49 Spin-Off companies for its use of aerogel technology in its Thermablok insulating strips.

For more information visit the Acoustiblok website at, Email, or call 813.980-1400.





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Contact: Liz Ernst, Director of Public Relations
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Acoustifence® Installed at Coca-Cola Plant Cuts Industrial Noise

Posted by Liz Ernst on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 @ 01:55 PM

crew installing acoustifence noise barriernoise barrier made from acoustifence

Above left: Crew installs Acoustifence at Coca Cola plant in Bay City, Michigan. Above right: Completed noise barrier berm featuring Acoustifence.

decibal readings at industrial plant after noise barrier was installeddecibal readings at residence after noise barrier was installed

After installation of Acoustifence, decibel readings at the Coca Cola plant dropped from 89 to 68 decibels (left); and at the adjacent residence, dropped to 42.9 decibels (right)

BAY CITY, Michigan, January 12, 2012 – Coca-Cola has completed installation of Acoustifence® noise barrier fencing along the west perimeter of its Bay City plant, bringing to an abrupt halt those noise issues that had been plaguing neighbors in the surrounding community and attracting local news organizations as the outcry from area residents grew.

Architect Jack Zelazny of Dearborn, Michigan, acting as a consultant to Coca Cola’s contractor Kirco Manix, chose Acoustifence noise barrier fencing for the core of the 300-foot wide noise barrier project designed to alleviate noise from idling delivery trucks at the plant that had been plaguing neighbors in the South End Community.

Zelazny said the initial plan was to construct a 30-foot acoustical metal fence along the perimeter roadway to address the problem, but he nixed the idea in favor of something significantly less expensive and more aesthetically pleasing and to the community’s residents.

“I didn’t think it was appropriate for the neighbors to have to stare at a 30-foot industrial metal fence from their small residential yards,” Zelazny said. “I really wanted to find something more organic and natural.”

After researching sound barrier fencing options, he found Acoustifence, a product of Acoustiblok, Inc. in Tampa Florida, and discussed his options with acoustical consultant Paul Getts of Acoustiblok.  After conferring with Getts, Zelazny moved ahead with construction of a grass covered, 300-foot wide berm that incorporated a nine foot high Acoustifence barrier and landscaping for an attractive roadside aesthetic. The project was completed in the final weeks of December, and both company officials and neighbors rang in the New Year with their new found peace and quiet.

“The Acoustifence went up flawlessly, and it’s not unpleasant to look at,” Zelazny said. “When we covered it with the dark green acoustical fabric covering, it looked natural and organic, as we had hoped.

“But the real surprise was the immediate impact it had on the noise.”

Zelazny said the plant noise measured at 89 decibels before installation of the Acoustifence began, and registered at 68 decibels immediately after the Acoustifence went up. His hope was to lower the noise by 20 decibels, a figure that was exceeded at the plant, and more than doubled at the neighboring residence as soon as the Acoustifence was put in place. A reading taken at the adjacent residential property registered in the low to mid 40 decibel range.  

“It exceeded my expectations, I think it exceeded everyone’s expectations,” he said. “The people at Coca Cola are happy with it, and most importantly the neighbors in the surrounding community are happy with it.

“I couldn’t speak more highly of it.”

Lahnie Johnson, president and founder of Acoustiblok, Inc., said that the application of Acoustifence in the bottling plant’s noise barrier berm was the soft drink company’s best alternative for significantly reducing noise, and respecting the surrounding community’s call for peace and quiet.

“I think Coca Cola acted quickly and responded to the area’s residents as a good corporate neighbor should,” Johnson said. “It’s particularly important that they sought out a serious noise blocking option while respecting the fact that neighboring residents 

would be living with whatever solution they chose, and viewing it every day – some from their own back yards.”

Acoustifence was designed to address outdoor noise pollution in residential communities, or any community that cares about its appearance.”


Originally developed as a noise barrier on loud offshore oil rigs, Acoustifence is a simple and economical first-step noise abatement solution for both residential and commercial usage.

A 1/8-inch (3mm) thick unique sound deadening material measuring 6-feet (1.82 meters) high by 30-feet (9.14 meters) long with black anodized brass eyelets along the top and bottom edge for easy attachment to any existing fence or structure.  Heavy-duty nylon ties are included with each roll. Easily installed or removed in less than one hour, impervious to mold, mildew, and UV, Acoustifence is virtually indestructible. The soundproofing material in Acoustifence is a proprietary formula of the Acoustiblok Corporation, developed and refined over a 10-year period.

Acoustiblok is recognized and sold worldwide, earning product awards from the British House of Commons, as well as being one of NASA’s Top 49 Spinoff companies.

Acoustifence has proven performance in highway and high speed rail environments, construction sites, and industrial plants, and can accommodate any height fence or structure by simply overlapping the sections. To store, Acoustifence sections simply roll up like carpet. Independent lab tests of the Acoustifence material show a sound transmission classification (STC) of 28, which represents to the human ear an approximately 85-percent reduction in sound. However, results will be less, relative to surrounding sound reflective objects such as buildings or trees and the amount of Acoustifence installed.

For more information on Acoustifence, visit the Acoustiblok website, email, or call 813.980.1400.



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QuietFiber® Used to Quiet Industrial Generator Noise at La Sirena

Posted by Liz Ernst on Fri, Jan 6, 2012 @ 12:35 PM

industrial generator quieted with QuietFiber sound absorption materialindustrial generator quieted with QuietFiber sound absorption materialindustrial generator quieted with QuietFiber sound absorption material

Power outages are a common occurrence in the Dominican Republic, and industrial noise pollution from emergency generators is a growing concern. One DC generator designer is using QuietFiber noise absorbing material to lower the decibel levels at the La Serena superstore in Higuey.

HIGUEY, Dominican Republic, January 3, 2011 – Installation of QuietFiber® noise absorbing material has been completed in the massive generator room of the newly constructed La Sirena superstore in the eastern coastal town of Higuey, Dominican Republic.

QuietFiber, a product of Acoustiblok, Inc. in Tampa, Florida, was installed on the ceiling and walls of the store’s industrial power systems room that houses the massive emergency generators necessary to keep power running in this coastal area of the Caribbean, plagued by frequent power outages.

The industrial generators, designed and installed by Santo Domingo-based Edelca, are a staple in this island republic. Carlos Montas, Edelca owner and Acoustiblok representative in the Dominican Republic, used QuietFiber for the first time at the recommendation of acoustical specialist Jay Boland of Acoustiblok, on the La Sirena project. Montas, who has been installing his trademark "industrial art" generator systems – known for their bold colors and clean, modern, high gloss appearance — for more than 20 years, says noise from these generators is a major problem plaguing businesses and residential property owners when the generators are running.

“The noise levels are almost unbearable, so you need to have some level of soundproofing in place when they are running,” Montas said. “I always install noise absorbing material wherever I install my generators, and QuietFiber is the best soundproofing product we’ve ever used.”

Montas and his crew were able to easily cut the QuietFiber to fit around electric conduits, and secured the material to the walls and ceiling with standard insulation stick pins.  

The La Sirena chain of Wal-Mart-size shopping warehouses dotting the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic provide one-stop shopping for locals and tourists.  The sound deadening qualities of QuietFiber will help to protect the store’s 300-plus employees, and countless tourists and local residents from the high volume industrial noise caused by the generators when they are operating.

“The product is great, more than I had hoped for,” Montas said. “We plan on using QuietFiber on all our future projects as well, we’re that happy with it.”

Lahnie Johnson, president and founder of Acoustiblok, Inc., said that the application of QuietFiber in the La Sirena structure was perfect for addressing the high decibel, reverberant sound emanating from the concrete-walled generator room.

“QuietFiber was designed with this type of environment in mind,” Johnson said. “When you’re addressing solid surface noise issues, which in this case is the concrete walls, you need a product with proven sound absorption qualities.

Used industrially for reducing noise, QuietFiber is a material designed to absorb the maximum amount of sound (NRC 1.00). Fireproof, totally hydrophobic (will not absorb water or moisture), washable, non-deteriorating, mold and mildew-proof, Acoustiblok offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

QuietFiber® is the answer to any space in need of a noise fix that is easy to install anywhere noise is a problem, without spending thousands of dollars to retrofit sound abatement material under drywall, or cover walls with expensive sound panels.

QuietFiber is UL fire rated for floor, wall and ceiling applications, a significant safety factor when compared to common insulating materials – usually highly flammable -- often used in an attempt to reduce sound.

QuietFiber is also 100 percent recyclable, and 100-percent made in the USA.

For more information on QuietFiber, visit the Acoustiblok website (, send an E-mail (, or call 813.980.1400.



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