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Acoustiblok Names Carlos Montas Dominican Republic Manufacturing Rep

Posted by Liz Ernst on Tue, Oct 2, 2012 @ 08:44 AM

Carlos Montas

TAMPA, Florida, September 27, 2012 – Acoustiblok, Inc. Founder and President Lahnie Johnson this week approved a working agreement with Carlos Montas as Acoustiblok’s manufacturing representative in the Dominican Republic. Montas, Engineering Manager of Electicidad del Caribe SRL (EDELCA) in Santo Domingo, will represent Acoustiblok sound abatement products throughout the Dominican Republic.

Montas, a native of the Dominican Republic, is a 2005 graduate of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC). He has built a career in the design, installation, and supervision of emergency generator systems in the industrial and commercial communities throughout the Caribbean.  He was first introduced to Acoustiblok products after installing QuietFiber noise absorbing material in one of EDELCA’s massive generator system projects to dramatically lessen the impact of the high decibel generator noise outside the generator facility.

With years of experience designing and installing his trademark generator systems, Montas understands the importance of installing noise absorbing material in every generator room and outbuilding he designs, since the noise can be intolerable and pose a real problem for businesses, residents, and visitors.

“Noise levels from the generators are almost unbearable, so you need to have some layer of soundproofing in place when they are running,” Montas said. “When we first installed QuietFiber in a generator room, I knew right away it was the best soundproofing product I had ever used, and I’ve used no other sound absorbing material since.”

EDELCA is a leader in the installation of emergency generation systems in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean, where tropical storms and weather events are a source of frequent power outages, making emergency generators a necessity for businesses to function smoothly.  As an authorized dealer of QuietFiber and other Acoustiblok noise deadening products, Montas offers first-hand experience and a seasoned understanding of how to solve noise issues from a variety of sources, including one of the toughest – industrial generators.

“Carlos Montas is a highly knowledgeable and sought after emergency systems engineer in a high-demand environment,” Johnson says. “I am convinced that we could have no better representative for Acoustiblok products in the Caribbean, given his extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of the region’s distinct noise abatement needs.

“His expertise and his work in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean make the alliance particularly satisfying, a perfect fit with Acoustiblok’s expansion into the Dominican Republic.”

For more information on Acoustiblok products, visit the Acoustiblok website, Email , or call 809-596-8290.

About Acoustiblok:

Acoustiblok, Inc., a NASA spin-off company, has been providing high quality noise abatement products since 1998, earning the industry’s highest ratings from architects, builders, and consumers. Acoustiblok is a proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high density mineral content, heavy and yet extremely flexible. As sound waves cause the Acoustiblok material to flex, internal friction occurs and the acoustical energy is transformed into inaudible trace amounts of heat (adiabatic).

Just one, 1/8-inch layer of Acoustiblok in a standard wall can result in more sound reduction than 12-inches of poured concrete. Environmentally friendly, Acoustiblok contains no lead, barium, or asbestos, is UV resistant and impervious to water and mold; it is UL rated and classified in the US and Canada (CUL) for virtually all wall, floor, and ceiling installations. For more information, visit the Acoustiblok website, Email, or call 813-980-1400.



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