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Acoustiblok, Inc. Launches Quiet-Cloud® Industrial Sound Absorbing Panels

Posted by Liz Ernst on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 @ 10:23 AM

Quiet-Cloud industrial sound panel   Quiet-Cloud industrial sound panelQuiet-Cloud industrial sound panel

TAMPA, Florida, November 30, 2011 – Acoustiblok, Inc., a NASA spinoff company, this week announced its launch of Quiet-Cloud, the newest product in its arsenal of sound abatement products developed to combat noise pollution and avoid costly OSHA penalties.

Specifically designed to address serious noise levels common in industrial settings, the 4-foot by 8-foot Quiet-Cloud sound absorbing panels absorb more than twice the amount of noise that conventional panels take in, and at the same time block noise within the industrial plant environment. Quiet-Cloud provides maximum noise absorption and the highest NRC ratings attainable.

A lightweight, easily moveable panel that, when properly staggered can increase the perimeter-to-surface absorption area up to five-fold, each Quiet-Cloud panel consists of a heavy gauge perforated aluminum casing over a hydrophobic, sound absorbing material that can withstand operating temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

In settings where finite dust particles are a consideration, Quiet-Cloud panels are available with a standard steel mesh micro filter.

Ordered to hang horizontally or vertically, the washable Quiet-Cloud panels can also be easily installed in a standard ceiling tile grid.

Acoustiblok Founder and President Lahnie Johnson says the addition of Quiet-Cloud to the company’s growing catalog of soundproofing products affirms the company’s ongoing commitment to developing new ways to combat noise pollution.

“We are proud of our track record when it comes to addressing and reducing noise in a variety of settings,” Johnson said. “Unchecked industrial noise is hazardous to the hearing and health of workers and staff exposed to it every day, as well as those of us exposed to it in the course of our everyday lives.

“Noise in the workplace is frequently related to accidents and reduced productivity. Quiet-Cloud resolves industrial noise responsibly and affordably, and can be easily adapted to any setting.”

About Acoustiblok:

Acoustiblok’s high quality noise abatement products, available since 1998, have earned the industry’s highest ratings from architects, builders, and consumers. Acoustiblok is a proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high density mineral content, heavy and yet extremely flexible. As sound waves cause the Acoustiblok material to flex, internal friction occurs and the acoustical energy is transformed into undetectable trace amounts of heat.

Just one, 1/8 inch layer of Acoustiblok in a standard wall will result in more sound reduction than 12-inches of poured concrete. Environmentally friendly, Acoustiblok contains no lead, barium, or asbestos, is UV resistant and impervious to water and mold; it is UL rated and classified for all wall, floor, and ceiling installations.

For more information on Quiet-Cloud, visit the Acoustiblok website at, Email, or call 813.980-1400.



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Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels Quiet Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Posted by Liz Ernst on Wed, Aug 10, 2011 @ 05:59 PM

noise barrier,sound barrier,noise reduction,industrial noise,industrial pump noise,HVAC noiseindustrial pump noise,industrial noise,HVAC noise,noise barrier, sound barrier, soundproofing, industrial soundproofingsoundproofing, sound barrier, noise barrier, industrial noise, industrial noise barrier,

By installing Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels around four extremely high decibel vacuum pumps, a Wisconsin-based pizza crust manufacturer brought noise levels down to levels below OSHA standards – low enough to protect the hearing and health of staff working around the pumps without requiring industrial earplugs.

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin, August 8, 2011 – A Green Bay pizza crust manufacturer has installed Acoustiblok® All Weather Sound Panels around four high decibel, industrial vacuum pumps to bring noise levels in their plants down to OSHA demands.

Alive and Kickin’ Plant Engineer Dennis Dolski said the original intention was to find a product that would reduce the high noise levels that were making working conditions unbearable for employees who worked within 10- to 30-feet of the plant’s 90- to 95-decibel vacuum pumps, which operate 24 hours per day, six days per week.

“The driving force was the protection of our employees, and we became cognizant of OSHA standards for noise in the workplace,” Dolski said. “But we were also dealing with an extremely high heat issue, so we needed a sound deadening product that would also allow us to address ventilation needs, and the All Weather Sound Panels suited the project perfectly.”

With  advice from Acoustiblok consultant Jay Boland, Dolski said that they used Acoustiblok’s four- by four-foot and four- by eight panels to create enclosures around each vacuum pump, allowing fans to be installed in the bottom of each unit for ventilation.

“We tried a few different noise abatement measures, but everything we came across was costly for the company and a pain for the employees,” he said.  “They were thrilled after the panels went in and they no longer had to wear ear plugs, everybody’s thrilled with the results of the panels.”

Port City Bakery, Inc., parent company of Alive and Kickin’ Pizza, hired Loss Control Consultant Dan Dudly of West Bend Mutual Insurance Company to conduct sound level meter testing of the vacuum pumps after the Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels were installed, with calculations done in accordance to OSHA guidelines.

According to Dudly’s report, measurements were made utilizing procedures outlined by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Readings were taken on the A‐scale, slow response network defined by ANSI S1.4 for Type II sound level meters. Noise level measurements were obtained using a Quest Electronics Micro‐15 / set in the integrating sound level measurement mode. The meter was calibrated both prior to and following use, with a Quest Electronics QC‐10 calibrator. The integration time was set at one second.

“The most significant reduction in noise occurred when you enclosed the four vacuum pumps,” Dudly said.  “(Alive and Kickin’ Pizza) reduced the noise levels under OSHA’s Action Level of 85 decibels.”

In fact, the noise levels were reduced to a measurement of between 70- and 79- decibels (representing a 75-percent reduction in sound to the human ear) Dolski said, depending on the amount of ambient noise coming from other parts of the plant.

“By taking matters into their own hands and hiring a loss control expert to help them get their plant’s noise levels well below OSHA standards, Alive and Kickin’ Pizza and its parent company, Port City Bakery, are a model of excellence and responsibility when it comes to employee safety and health standards in the workplace,” said Lahnie Johnson, founder and president of Acoustiblok, Inc.

Workplace noise, particularly in industrial settings, has been proven to cause serious health and hearing problems to employees. Our All Weather Sound Panels provide an excellent noise barrier in industrial settings like this manufacturing plant, and were built to withstand tough conditions that are part and parcel in this type of environment.”

About Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels:

Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels are engineered specifically to withstand the most rigorous outdoor and industrial environments. Water, moisture, humid salt air or salt water, dirt, dust, UV, chlorine air, corrosion, and most harsh chemicals are no problem.

Acoustiblok's All Weather Sound Panels, for use indoors or outdoors, are washable, durable, long lasting and usable in hundreds of areas and applications.  These panels have an unprecedented noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 1.00 (Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories test results), and are the only noise barrier wind-load tested to 270 mph. Rigid and self-supporting, they can be used like building blocks to permanently or temporarily enclose any noise source, such as chillers and industrial machinery.

For more information or to view a video demonstration of Acoustiblok’s sound deadening capabilities, visit the website at, email, or call 813.980.1400.



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Contact: Liz Ernst, Director of Public Relations
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Acoustiblok Reduces Unsafe Industrial Noise at Energy Plant

Posted by Colin Flood on Tue, Oct 14, 2008 @ 11:13 AM

Wheelabrator before soundproofing applicationWheelabrator aftersoundproofing application

TAMPA, Fla. (USA) – Public awareness of the health risks of industry-related noise pollution has never been higher. Industrial plants worldwide are incorporating serious sound abatement strategies into their infrastructure to protect employees and visitors from hearing loss and other medical issues raised by industrial noise pollution.

Supervisors at the South Broward Waste to Energy (WTE) plant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were faced with a 30-day project to overhaul the plant’s turbine. The plant’s steam bypass system would take over the turbine’s 24-hours a day waste management responsibilities for one full month.

The problem with the transition was the unbearable blare of the bypass system. The bypass channels 900 pounds per square inch of compressed steam through a 14-inch pipe into a 7-foot diameter pipe at a noise level of 126-dB. This is an unsafe level equilevent to jackhammer or jet engine launch.

The noise was so deafening that even with earplugs, employees and visiting contractors could not spend more than brief periods of time in the vicinity without risking hearing damage. Verbal communication was impossible, even if they shouted, while working on or around the system.

The decision to install Acoustiblok® sound abatement material to the bypass system was made after Acoustiblok’s Shawn Saathoff, president/director of Acoustiblok Middle East, evaluated the site and proposed a blanket application of Acoustiblok’s 1/8-inch thick
proprietary viscoelastic polymer with a Sound Transmission Classification (STC) of 26, unmatched in its versatility. Since the bypass system is composed of pipes elevated more than five stories, Acoustiblok’s ease of installation, flexibility, effectiveness, and environmentally friendly properties and made it ideal for the job.

The South Broward WTE facility is owned by Wheelabrator Technologies, an OSHA recognized and award-winning clean energy facilitator. With plants across the United States, Wheelabrator prides itself on its commitment to environmental responsibility. This makes Wheelabrator a natural match for eco-friendly Acoustiblok. The sound proofing material contains no lead, barium, or asbestos. It is UV resistant, impervious to water and mold. Acoustiblok is UL fire rated and classified for wall, floor and ceiling installations as well as industrial applications.

However, while solving the sound abatement issues, a new problem arose. The heat emitted from the compressed steam travelling through the bypass system reaches temperatures as high as 350-degrees. Yet Acoustiblok’s standard application range is 200-degrees before its viscosity is challenged.

After conferring with Thermablok® Sales Professional Steve Hibbens, South Broward WTE Maintenance Manager Paul Benton chose to gird the system with a 5-mm layer of Thermablok insulating material before applying the Acoustiblok.

Thermablok adapts aerogel technology developed by NASA to create the highest insulating material in existence. Composed almost completely of air, aerogel is known as "liquid smoke." Previously, aerogel had been difficult to adapt to most uses because of its fragility. Thermablok overcomes this by using a unique patented fiber to suspend a proprietary formula of aerogel so that it can be bent or compressed while still retaining its amazing insulation properties.

Although this type of project had never been attempted before, both teams gambled successfully on the results of scientific studies performed on both Thermablok and Acoustiblok to determine the best solution to thwart the offending noise and deal with the associated heat issue.

Benton said that the need for noise abatement at the plant had been brewing for some time before the turbine overhaul created the incentive he needed to take action.

One contractor found the extreme, unrelenting howl of the bypass system so difficult to work with, he began to dramatically hike the cost for his crews to work on site.

“Not only had it become a health issue, it had become a financial issue as well,” Benton said. ”Contractors were going to charge more to work here, and employees would have to severely reduce their hours to minimize exposure to the noise.”

The massive pipes were enveloped first in 1,280 square feet of Thermablok High Temp, then in 1,575 square feet of Acoustiblok by a four-man crew from Coastal Insulation in Pompano Beach, FL. Steve Sill, vice president of Coastal Insulation, said the job, which took three weeks to complete, was imposing only because of the sheer size of the system.

“It was challenging in that we were working off lifts higher than five stories,” he said. “But we were surprised how easy the material was to install, and how well it worked.

“We couldn’t believe the difference,” Sill said after the application of Acoustiblok was complete. “We measured a 26-28 dB attenuation, which was significant enough that contractors could actually hold a conversation while standing next to the structure,
whereas before you couldn’t be heard if you screamed.

“This success became even more amazing when the plant manager told us that the factory was running at nearly 50% greater capacity than when the original readings were taken.”

For crews to work under such conditions is actually painful at such a noise level, and studies confirm the adverse health effects of industrial noise pollution on workers in such an environment. Benton, too, was amazed at the results of the black Acoustiblok material seamed with black and yellow Acoustigrip permanent bonding tape, which far surpassed his expectations.

“We wouldn’t have cared if it was magenta with white polka dots, we would use it again, we were so happy with the results,” Benton said.

Acoustiblok is made of a 1/8” (3 mm) thick proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high-density mineral content, heavy yet extremely flexible. While other manufacturers of sound proofing materials attempt to stop or absorb sound, Acoustiblok has resolved the problem in a vastly different way:

Through a unique thermodynamic process, Acoustiblok is engineered to transform sound energy into inaudible friction energy as the material flexes from sound waves. One thin layer of Acoustiblok in a standard metal or wood stud wall results in more sound reduction - and provide more privacy - than 12” (30.5 cm) of poured concrete. (Certified independent lab results.)

For more information, call Acoustiblok at 813.980.1400, visit our website at, or e-mail us at



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